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The Barbour Living Heritage Village is the anchor tourist attraction on the Kittiwake Coast offering visitors a taste of history at the turn of the 19th Century into the mid 1900s (1873 to 1960). The Village is nestled in a picturesque corner of Newtown, right on the Tickle. Learn more about us by exploring our website, then come visit and see for yourself.

The Village, along with several other historic properties in the area, is managed by the Cape Freels Heritage Trust, a community-based, non-profit entity established in 1991 to protect and celebrate the cultural heritage of the area. The volunteer Board of Directors and the staff at the Village take a great deal of pride in preserving the heritage of the premises and in making that heritage come alive for people in the area and tourists alike. It’s “Where The Past Meets The Present”.

The Village features living interpretation of the life of the Barbours, a well-known and prominent family involved in the fishing and sealing industries in Newfoundland. There are 19 buildings in the Barbour Living Heritage Village, three of which are designated as registered structures by the Newfoundland Historic Trust. Over the next several years two others are expected to also receive that designation. The Village’s historic homes are furnished with their original contents and provide an excellent opportunity to give insight into the family life of one of Newfoundland’s most distinguished families. Read more about the family and the properties in the History section of our website.

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