The Barbour Family

The Barbour Family was one of the most prominent sealing and merchant families in Newfoundland.  It began with Benjamin and Rebecca!  Benjamin Barbour (1809 to March 21, 1891) of Pinchard’s Island, Bonavista Bay married October 23rd, 1841 to Rebecca Green (Sept 18th, 1820 to June 3rd, 1906) of Bennett Island, Bonavista Bay.   They first settled in Cobblers Island and then moved to Newtown in 1873.  Here they established their merchant business while continuing to work in the sealing and fishing industries.

Benjamin and Rebecca had 11 children, nine sons and two daughters, all of whom were involved in the family business.

Children Spouses # of Children
 Joseph  Ann Parsons 8
 Benjamin  Mary Jane Wicks 6
 Mary Ann  Elizah Burry 1
 Thomas  Caroline Blackmore 10
 John  Margaret Hancock  11
 William  Eliza Hann  8
 Keziah  Hedley Blackmore  4
 George  Lucrettia Oakley  4
 James (married twice)  Annie Tiller (died at the age of 38) 9
 Frances Barrow  3
 Edward  Mary Jane Kean  9
 Samuel (married twice)  Martha Winsor (died at the age of 27) 3
 Alice Templeman 5

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