Cape Freels Heritage Trust


The Cape Freels Heritage Trust is a community-based, non-profit entity established in 1991. Its purpose is to protect and celebrate the cultural heritage of the New-Wes-Valley area.  Its Board of Directors is comprised of nine members who are generally residents from New-Wes-Valley.  The Board is responsible for the oversight, management, operations and development of cultural tourism sites operating in the area.


Our Properties

The properties and facilities owned by Cape Freels Heritage Trust include the Barbour Living Heritage Village.


Barbour Living Heritage Village shared their photo — with Roberta Bungay and Nola Bungay"">Donna Parsons"">Florence Cross Irene Woodworth"">Diane Faulkner-Goodyear"">Marilyn Goodyear. ...

Back for the fourth season, Building Bridges Youth Theatre. This season they will be performing a new play " The Future of our History" There will be plays on the following dates July 6th, 18th, 20th. August 8th, 15th, 17th. Don't be disappointed, book your tickets today by calling 709-536-3220 or email

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