Christmas Fair Going Online

Christmas Fair Going Online

A Change In Plans - Switching to a Virtual Fair

Because of new COVID cases and the changing situation, we are unable to hold the Christmas Fair at the Village....

So, we're switching to a virtual show

If you are interested in participating please send us a message via email ( or text (709-536-7864) or through Messenger.



To say we are disappointed is certainly an understatement but we are also committed to keeping everybody as safe as possible.  With the increasing number of COVID cases in our Province, we cannot take chances.   So instead of opening the Barbour Living Heritage Village for the Christmas Fair, we have decided to host it online.   If you are a vendor and interested in participating, we'd love for you to join us.  Just send us a message and let us know.

text (709-536-7864)

or contact us on Messenger

Be a part of  making our first ever Virtual Christmas Fair a HUGE success


Virtual Fair

3 comments on “Christmas Fair Going Online
  1. Linda tippett says:

    How is this going to work? Do we charge for postage? How do we get our money?

  2. Judith Durdle says:

    I am looking to purchase 5” mummer ornaments – if anyone has some to sell, I can be reached at 902-233-2608

    • Jerry says:

      Hi Judith, I am also looking for the mummers the word ornaments and came across your request for them and wondering if you had any luck finding. I have 12 of the 20 in the collection and was looking to fill in with the remainder.


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