Olde Shoppe Restaurant

The Olde Shoppe Restaurant is a favourite for residents and travellers alike.  The food is absolutely delicious.

Daily specials that reflect the history of the village
90 seat with an extra 32 seats on the deck

Menu - DinnerIn this part of Newfoundland, we call our noon day meal ‘dinner’ and our evening meal ‘supper’.  For us lunch is served in between meals – what others might refer to as a ‘snack’.  Regardless what it’s called – you won’t be disappointed.  Come dine with us or enjoy a cup of tea and our homemade muffins, biscuits or molasses buns.  If the weather permits you can also enjoy being served out on the deck where you can take in the spectacular view of the Tickle.  Menu - Supper

As an added feature, we also prepare picnics for those who want to strike out on their own and enjoy the meal outside.

Dining at the Olde Shoppe Restaurant is the perfect place to experience the food, the traditions and the view.

Experience! Enjoy!

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