Face Masks Mandatory Starting August 24th

Face Masks Mandatory Starting August 24th

Don’t forget to include the Barbour Living Heritage Village in your Staycation Plans for this summer. There is still a couple of weeks left and we are looking forward to seeing you.

At the Village, we take your health and that of our staff very seriously ensuring that all social distancing and safety protocols are in place and followed at all times. In this regard the following new protocol will be in place starting on Monday.

NoticeNOTICE:  Starting August 24th and in accordance with the Provincial Government regulations, everybody will be required to wear a non-medical face mask at ALL indoor venues at the Barbour Living Heritage Village.

For your convenience we’ve included an excerpt from the government website as well as a link to their website page.


Government Requirements

Gov NL Covid

Source:  https://www.gov.nl.ca/covid-19/non-medical-masks-use-in-public/


Effective August 24, 2020, wearing a non-medical mask that covers the nose and mouth is mandatory for people 5 years of age or older, with exceptions (see below), in the following public indoor settings:

  • public transit (buses, taxis, car services, public areas of ferries, etc.);
  • a retail business;
  • a service company;
  • a professional’s private office, where physical distancing cannot be maintained or physical barriers are not in place;common areas of an office building (e.g. lobby, elevators, reception areas, conference rooms, washrooms, breakrooms);common areas of apartment buildings/condominiums (e.g lobby, elevators, hallways)
  • a place where municipal or government services are offered;
  • a personal care business (e.g., hair salons, tattoo shops, tanning salons) (see exemptions for treatments below);an animal daycare or grooming business;
  • a shopping mall or community market;
  • a place of worship;
  • a funeral home;
  • a theatre or performing arts venue;
  • a movie cinema;
  • an indoor entertainment business (see exemptions for physical activity below);
  • a rental room, community centre, or other venue used to host distanced gatherings;
  • a sports-related clubhouse;
  • a community museum or historic site;
  • a bingo hall;
  • a fitness centre, dance studio or yoga studio (see exemptions for physical activity below);
  • an arena (see exemptions for physical activity below);
  • a place where sports or recreational activities are practiced (see exemptions for physical activity below);
  • a restaurant or lounge;
  • a common area, including an elevator, of a tourist accommodation establishment (e.g. hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, rental cabins or cottages); and
  • a post-secondary educational institution (including colleges, universities and trades schools).


Olde Shoppe 2020 Patrons of the Olde Shoppe Restaurant will be required to wear a face mask until they are seated at their table. The masks can then be removed until they are ready to leave the table.

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