The “Venice” of Newfoundland

The TickleNewtown, once referred to as the “Venice of Newfoundland”, is located on a point of land in the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by small natural harbours and channels (called “tickles”) that resemble canals between the many islands. This beautiful setting was the home of the Barbour Family and it’s here that you’ll find the most wonderful Heritage Village – a perfect visit to experience life as it was in rural Newfoundland during the latter half of the 19th Century.


Imagine the past meeting the present!

The Tickle in 2013 - Barbour Living Heritage Village

The Tickle in 2013

The photo to your left shows the Village as it looks today. The historic buildings have been restored and the Barbour Family homes furnished with their original contents. Explore the site and imagine the past meeting the present. Come experience the way things were. Gain insights into the family life of one of Newfoundland’s most distinguished merchant families involved in the sealing and fishing industry.


What You’ll Find at the Village

The Village offers you a wonderful experience. Meander around the trails and through the buildings. Stop, learn and experience how things were done years ago. In addition to the historic family homes, the site includes a schoolhouse, sealing interpretation center, fisherman’s stage, theatre, art gallery, and visitor reception center. There’s the gift and craft shop which is “jam packed” with local crafts and souvenirs, knitted items, books, and local jams. Taste the Newfoundland delicacies in the Olde Shoppe Restaurant, get your hands in the dough and learn how to bake our way. Enjoy hilarious dinner theatre, live theatrical productions, and take a trip back in time with guides dressed in period costumes. (Click here for upcoming events)

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