Our Focus

We are focused on our heritage. The Barbour Living Heritage Village depicts the extraordinary richness of the character of rural Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. It is this theme that permeates all exhibits, interpretations and other activities. This provides us with the means to experience the history and heritage of this region of Newfoundland. The tools, the boats, the gear, the workplaces are fascinating, but, in the end, are lifeless artifacts. In terms of heritage interpretation, they set the stage through which to understand a people, their community and work.

Our focus at the Village is to restore the image of rural Newfoundland as the last of the world`s great adventurers of seafaring commerce and settlement, a tenacious and inventive people who, against all odds, built a nation and successfully traded around the world. Our state of the art Sealing Interpretation Centre, with an actual life-sized schooner inside, demonstrates our legitimacy in the sealing industry both during the past and today.

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