Ready to Welcome You at the Village – Opening June 2021

Ready to Welcome You at the Village – Opening June 2021

We are planning ahead and so excited about this coming summer. Whether our borders are open to non-residents or if 2021 is another Staycation Summer, we will be ready to welcome you at the Village.

New Feature - Historic Newtown Walking Tour

Not only are we offering our usual tours of the intriguing Barbour Living Heritage Village, but this year we are adding an Historic Newtown Walking Tour.  You will learn more about the settlers, the original town, the old architecture, the lobster factory 


tidbits of everything taking you from the past to the present.

A place to stay ... book accommodations at Audrey's Tickle Bliss

A place to eat ... the Olde Shoppe Restaurant

A place to shop ... the Poop Deck Craft Shop

A place to have fun ... Village Tours, Entertainment and Special Activities

Poop Deck Craft Shop

Only so much time!  Only so much space!

Don't Miss out

We are taking Bookings NOW!

Barbour Living Heritage Village


p: (709) 536-3220

Don't forget Newtown is one of the communities along Iceberg Alley


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