Poop Deck Craft and Gift Shop

 You’ll want to do some shopping while you are at the Village making the Poop Deck Craft and Gift Shop a MUST visit.  The Visitor Reception Centre is also housed in the Poop Deck Craft and Gift shop making this the best place to start and end your tour of the Village.

We sell high quality, handcrafted products from Newfoundland and Labrador artisans.  You will find a wide selection of local crafts such as homemade quilts, knitted goods, Newfoundland pictures and prints, books, and locally made jams.  Look for that special gift you’ve been looking for – that special something to remember your trip to Newfoundland and the Barbour Living Heritage Village.

Forty-Eight Days Adrift

Forty-Eight Days Adrift

When you’ve completed the Tour of the Village you’ll want to purchase Captain Job Barbour’s book, Forty-Eight Days Adrift.  What should have been a one day trip from St. John’s harbour over to Newtown, Bonavista Bay, turned into a forty-eight day harrowing experience.  First published in 2001, Forty-Eight Days Adrift tells the true story of his unexpected, unplanned voyage across the Atlantic.  We always have copies of this book on hand at our Poop Deck Craft and Gift Shop.

Our pastry chefs at the Olde Shoppe Restaurant are the BEST.  Not only will they teach you how to make a berry pie but they are continuously baking the most delicious desserts, muffins, molasses buns, tea biscuits and homemade bread, all done the traditional Newfoundland way.   Whether our guests are local residents or people who’ve “Come From Away”, they love these mouth-watering delicacies so we try to keep our craft shop stocked as well.  Demand is high so you’ve got to move fast.

The Poop Deck

Need to ‘take a spell’ after shopping and the Village tour?  We’ve added a deck to the building, complete with tables and chairs, so you can take a little rest and just enjoy the scenery.  Look out over the Village and the Tickle and imagine the past meeting the present.

The craft shop was aptly named to reflect our links to the sea and fits well within the overall theme of the Barbour Living Heritage Village.  In naval architecture, a poop deck is a deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the rear, or ‘aft’ part of the superstructure of a ship. It also gave protection to the men at the wheel and provided a roof for the captain’s cabin. The ropes controlling the yards and sails of the masts were operated from the poop deck.

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