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Guided Tour

Take a Village Tour

Take a Village Tour

Our regular guided tours of the Barbour Living Heritage Village run from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm daily (mid-June to Mid-September). The cost is $10 per person with special rates for family, seniors and children (For details click Hours of Operation and Fees). To do it properly, you should allow yourself two or three hours. For more details on what you can expect to see on the Village tour continue reading on this page.

Don't be surprised if one visit isn't enough. Most of our guests come back time and time again. We think that's great! We're always adding something new and don't want you to miss out. It's all so interesting. There are so many attractions and so many things to do. Keep reading on this page to get a better understanding of what's included in the tour.

Inside-Out Tour

We've partnered with Homestead Adventures to offer an Inside-Out Tour. Come to the Village to purchase a tour (cost $25 per person). We will take you on our regular inside guided tour of the Village after which you take your ticket voucher to Homestead Adventures to do a guided kayaking tour of the Tickle. These tours are available Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Inside-Out Tour

Inside-Out Tour


The Tour - Table of Contents

Your tour begins at the Visitor Reception Centre which is located in the Poop Deck Craft and Gift Shop. See below for more details.

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Visitors Reception Centre

The first place you'll need to go when you enter the Barbour Living Heritage Village is the Visitor Reception Centre . Here you'll be greeted by our friendly staff who are dressed in period costume. They will help you purchase your tour pass and give you some general instructions on what to expect. They will also provide you with information on other attractions that you may want to visit while you are in the area.

Take a few minutes to have a quick look at the wonderful crafts and gifts in the Poop Deck Craft Shop. Then off you go on your guided tour. You'll want to finish your tour back at this location with a rest out on the Poop Deck and then some shopping.

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Poop Deck Craft and Gift Shop

Poop Deck Craft and Gift ShopThe Poop Deck Craft and Gift Shop located at the Barbour Living Heritage Village, Newtown, is the perfect spot to start and end your Tour of the Village. It has a wide selection of local crafts such as homemade quilts, knitted goods, Newfoundland pictures and prints, books, locally made jams and perhaps a fresh berry pie from the Olde Shoppe Restaurant. Oh, and don't forget to look for the book written by Captain Joe Barbour where he tells his true story about being Forty-Eight Days Adrift.

This is the place to find a special gift for yourself or that perfect gift to take back to your relatives and friends as a memory of your trip to this picturesque part of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Fishing Stage

Ever been in a fish stage? You won't want to miss this building. It's a typical Newfoundland outport fish stage, where codfish was cleaned, salted, and stored.

It is complete with a fish flake, handbars, splitting table, and other interpretative items commonly found in a fishing stage. We'll also show you to knit and mend a fishing net.

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Methodist Schoolhouse

schoolhouse - teacherIn the Old Methodist Schoolhouse, visitors are given the opportunity to interact with the school teacher and students and learn about education in a one-room school in rural Newfoundland around the early 1900's.

Such a school was actually located on the Barbour property around 1880. In those days, all grades were taught in that one room. In the winter, each child would be expected to bring along a junk of wood each day to feed the potbelly stove that was used for heat.


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Waterfront Premises and

Neptune II Theatre

The Waterfront Premises is a reconstruction of one of the Barbours' retail business and waterfront premises. It now houses a modern theatre and art gallery. Here you can enjoy live theatrical performances in a very comfortable setting. The Dinner Theatre is known for its delicious meal and hilarious entertainment. The art exhibit has featured works by well-known Newfoundland artists such as Christopher Pratt, David Blackwood, and Frank Lapointe.

Be sure to contact us to make a reservation for the Dinner Theatre. Seats are limited and we don't want you to be disappointed.

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Sealing Interpretation Centre

CLOSED Summer 2019 - Please note that restoration work is currently underway at the Sealing Interpretation Centre. The project is expected to be completed in readiness for the 2020 Tourist Season. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

This building is very unique to our area and the Province. It is a reconstruction of a building used by the Barbours for brick making and as a general workshop. Here visitors are given the opportunity to experience life "at the front". They will step aboard a sealing schooner and experience the life and hardships of Newfoundland sealers as they struggle to provide for their families. Enjoy unique displays in this unique handicap accessible facility.

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Heritage Homes

There are three two heritage homes in the Barbour Living Heritage Village. In 1873 Benjamin and Rebecca Barbour moved to Newtown, Bonavista Bay, where they built their family home. They moved into the new house in 1874. The building was home for many of their children. Alphaeus, one of their grandsons, built a beautiful home for his wife in hopes of lifting her spirits after the death of their son William in 1904 (Alphaeus Barbour Home).  A third home in the Village was built for the Director. It has been converted to a Tourist Home called Audrey's Tickle Bliss.

Benjamin Barbour Home

Benjamin Barbour Home

This house was originally built for Captain Benjamin Barbour and his family of nine sons and two daughters. Benjamin settled in Newtown from Cobbler's Island in 1873. Prior to moving into the new home in 1875, the family lived in a "log cabin" nearby. The Benjamin Barbour Home is typical of the larger merchant houses built in many Newfoundland communities in the latter part of the 18th century. The gabled roof, symmetrical facade, end chimneys, and general proportions made it almost identical to many of the merchant houses in Brigus, which also produced its share of great sealing captains. The house has two levels and is mainly constructed of pine. Click here to read more.

Alpheaus Barbour House

Alpheaus Barbour House

The second heritage home, Alpaeus Barbour House, was originally built for Captain Alphaeus Barbour, one of Benjamin Barbour's grandsons. Construction was started in 1904 and did not finish until 1907. In 1925, the house was sold to Samuel Barbour and eventually passed to Samuel's son, Edward. The house remained in the Barbour family until 1993, when it was purchased by the Cape Freels Heritage Trust, Inc. The home was in need of major restoration work and was closed in 2017 and 2018. It has now restored to its original state and has re-opened. The building is amazing. You will see this first had as part of your guided tour of the Village. Click here to read more.

Your tour would not be complete without a walk through these beautiful premises. Climb the winding staircases, read the letters that Lester wrote, see the furniture, household items and clothes that would have been worn, and learn how life was in those days.

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Olde Shoppe Restaurant

Olde Shoppe Restaurant

Complete your Tour of the Village with a meal at the Olde Shoppe Restaurant, open from May through October with daily specials that reflect the history of the village. Groups can try dishes such as Captain Job's boiled beans with homemade bread, Uncle Willie's fish cakes with tossed salad, and Aunt Mary Jane's jiggs dinner. There'll be berry pies, molasses buns and old-fashioned tea biscuits.

The restaurant overlooks the Tickle - a beautiful view to enjoy as you eat. Our restaurant and deck are wheelchair accessible. Come dine with us.

Olde Shoppe Restaurant

Come Dine With Us

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Monument and Commemorative Artwork

Gary Brazil Monument

As you tour the site, you are given opportunity to pause and reflect on some of the tragedies experienced by Newfoundlanders in the past, such as the loss of hundreds of young Newfoundlanders in World War I, and the sealing disasters of the S.S. Greenland in 1898 and the S.S. Newfoundland in 1914. You will also come across a monument that relates to a more recent tragedy. Gary Brazil, a 39 year old father of two and Coast Guard pilot, lost his life on May 10, 2000 when the Bell 212 Canada Coast Guard helicopter he was flying crashed into Bonavista Bay while transporting fresh water to a lighthouse on Cabot Island just off the coast of Newtown. While viewing this monument you are able to see the island Mr. Brazil was heading towards when the helicopter fell into the water.

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Commemorating the work of Dr. Audrey Manning

As you walk in the gardens of the Alphaeus Barbour House, you will come across a new art installation erected in honor of Dr. Audrey Manning, who passed away on May 20, 2011, at the age of 71. Audrey was a community icon who valued heritage and was a founding member of the Cape Freels Heritage Trust, the directing board of the Barbour Living Heritage Site. She worked tirelessly and assembled a group of hard working volunteers to bring the site to its magnificent stature displayed today.

The glass art installation features a portrait of Dr. Manning as well as three of her poems, and was designed and commissioned by Steph Dou. Mr. Dou, a friend of Dr. Manning’s from France, felt the contributions she made during her life should be memorialized. The three glass panels of the installation were created in Paris, France and were installed by Mr. Dou in June 2014. The official unveiling of the monument was June 27th, 2014.

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If you decide to take the Inside-Out Tour (offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week), you will have the advantage of the full guided tour of the Village and then kayak ride to explore the Tickle. You'll see the Village from another vantage point.

Video - Newtown

The following video is provided with permission by photographer Daryl Murphy, Cabot Creative Images Group. It shows Newtown, The Tickle and The Barbour Living Heritage Village 2009. Click anywhere around the centre of the picture to start and stop the video.

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