Welcome to Iceberg Alley

In December (2015) the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador released a new TV ad which featured the Barbour Living Heritage Village among other fantastic places to visit in this wonderful Province of ours. Take a look at the video and then plan your vacation for this coming summer.

Welcome to Iceberg Alley

The Barbour Living Heritage Village will open in late June. You won’t want to miss a fabulous visit to Newtown, Bonavista Bay. Not only will take you back to ‘the way it used to be’ but ours is a perfect location to view the icebergs.

Iceberg Alley, TV Ad, Newfoundland and Labrador TourismThis is a place where you’ll encounter breathtaking natural beauty along the shores of Iceberg Alley. A place where you can be a kid again.

Posted by Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism on Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Barbour Living Heritage Village shared their photo — with Roberta Bungay and Nola Bungay"http://facebook.com/10213144211697704">Donna Parsons"http://facebook.com/10158929485860252">Florence Cross Irene Woodworth"http://facebook.com/10155208324861368">Diane Faulkner-Goodyear"http://facebook.com/10155425035947402">Marilyn Goodyear. ...

Back for the fourth season, Building Bridges Youth Theatre. This season they will be performing a new play " The Future of our History" There will be plays on the following dates July 6th, 18th, 20th. August 8th, 15th, 17th. Don't be disappointed, book your tickets today by calling 709-536-3220 or email barboursite@nf.aibn.com

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