Starting June 27th

Starting June 27th our 'dine-in' service will be available. And, of course, you can also enjoy a meal on the deck overlooking the Tickle. Hours of operation are noon to 7 pm daily. 

Please note we will be operating at 50% capacity to meet government protocols for covid-19. Protocols will be in place to protect our staff and our customers.

Can't wait to serve you!

Normally open May to September, the Olde Shoppe Restaurant is a favourite for residents and travellers alike.  The food is absolutely delicious. We offer a full menu - breakfast, dinner, supper, lunches.

NOTE: The Restaurant may be open for 'one of' special events during the Fall and Winter.

Daily specials that reflect the history of the village
90 seat with an extra 32 seats on the deck

In this part of Newfoundland, many of us still refer to our mid day meal 'dinner' and our evening meal 'supper'.  For us, lunch is served in between meals - what others might refer to as a 'snack'.  Particularly in early years, the main meal of the day would be taken at mid day. A hardy meal was needed to sustain us through a hard day of work associated with fishing, working in the lumber woods and farming.

Regardless what it's called - you won't be disappointed.  Come dine with us or enjoy a cup of tea and our homemade muffins, biscuits or molasses buns.  If the weather permits you can also enjoy being served out on the deck where you can take in the spectacular view of the Tickle. 

Dining at the Olde Shoppe Restaurant is the perfect place to experience the food, the traditions and the view. But you won't want to limit yourself to a main course meal, you will also want to feast on bread and sweets.

Pastries, Molasses Buns, Homemade Bread and MORE

Our pastry chefs at the Olde Shoppe Restaurant are the BEST. Not only will they teach you how to make a berry pie but they are continuously baking the most delicious desserts, muffins, molasses buns, tea biscuits and homemade bread, all done the traditional Newfoundland way. Whether a local resident or you've "Come From Away", you will love these mouth-watering delicacies.

Experience! Enjoy!

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